Speech Therapy

Our Speech-Language Pathologists serve children and adults who have speech, language, fluency, voice, feeding and swallowing difficulties; so that they are able to communicate, comprehend, and express themselves; and, manage their feeding and swallowing with greater ease, comfort, and safety. The SLPs at MSLDC incorporate augmentative and assistive technological devices to help children and adults learn, relearn, and communicate.

Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapists serve children and adults who have difficulties with their smaller muscles (fine motor skills), sensory integration, poor coordination and balance, limited awareness of their surroundings, difficulties attending, difficulties with feeding, eating, swallowing, under sensitivity or over sensitivity to sound, touch, sight, taste, and smell; so that they can function adaptively, independently, and appropriately within their environments.

Child Development

Our Child Development Specialists serve children who have delays and/or deficits in the areas of cognition, communication, social-emotional skills, physical development and adaptive skills development; so that they can help children make positive changes developmentally within all 5 domains.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to focus on an individual’s abilities. We believe that “the magic of intervention is interaction” and when the correct approach is used to help with the difficulties one is experiencing, progress is eminent. Evidence-based practice which is also relationship-based is a component that is at the core of our philosophy. It takes a mixture of science, art and heart to help individuals progress to their fullest potential.

The basic philosophy underlying all of the MSLDCs programs is that the earlier a problem is identified and tackled, the easier it is for a person to manage the problem. Also, lasting changes occur more readily if the family is involved in the process of therapeutic management.

April 28 2014

New Valencia Office Opens

Mazda Speech-Language-Development Center's second office is now open in Valencia.

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April 252013

Redesigned MazdaTherapies.com Launches

Our newly redesigned website is launched!

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February 12013

Offical vendor to NLACRC

Mazda Speech-Language-Development Center is a vendor of North Los Angeles County Regional Center (NLACRC).

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